Current Artists


Melodic Death

Injecting new light and energy into the Swedish metal genre since bursting onto the scene with the album Spite (2008)…

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Past Artists

The Amenta

Industrial Metal

Sydney Australia’s THE AMENTA continues to challenge the ‘extreme metal’ genre…

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Annex Theory


Formed in 2008 by former QUO VADIS vocalist Trevor Birnie and young guitar virtuoso Sam Jacobs

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As You Drown


Formed in Borås, Sweden in 2003; inspired by the speed and relentless brutality of contemporary death metal…

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Finnish thrashers HATEFORM features in its ranks former members of MORS PRINCIPIUM EST and WATCH ME FALL as well as current members of SOLUTION .45 and DEMIGOD…

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Solution .45

Melodic Death

Brutal riffs with unparalled melancholic atmosphere and epic, progressive song structures…

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