As You Drown

AS YOU DROWN formed in Borås, Sweden in 2003; inspired by the speed and relentless brutality of contemporary death metal and atmosphere and straightforward structure of the genres’ predecessor.  Under the leadership of guitarists Mikael Åkerström, Simon Exner, and drummer Martin Latvala the band recorded three demos and played numerous shows across western Sweden by 2005, including support sets for VADER and ENTOMBED. By April 2008 AS YOU DROWN took its current form with the addition of bassist Robert Karlsson and vocalist Henrik Blomqvist, whose brutal and organic vocal approach and aggressive stage presence added to the bands live repertoire.


Reflection, the debut album from AS YOU DROWN was recorded at AYD Studio in Borås; mixed and mastered by Christian Silver at Studio Mega in Varberg Sweden (THE CROWN, SONIC SYNDICATE, OLD MAN’S CHILD), and released worldwide via Metal Blade Records in July 2009.  Reflection received critical acclaim from underground publications worldwide, with special attention given to the bands ability to appeal to a broad extreme metal audience.  Lyrically the album reflects on the deplorable sides of humanity: violence, hatred, selfishness and conformity.  In spring 2010, AS YOU DROWN hit the road with VADER on the Blitzkrieg 5 Europe and UK tour as the direct support artist.


AS YOU DROWN will continue to turn heads in the extreme metal community as band continues to develop and grow into its unique style of death metal.  With summer festivals planned and a new album on the horizon, there is not stopping this Swedish death metal machine!



Henrik Blomqvist (Vocals)

Mikael Åkerström (Guitars)

Simon Exner (Guitars)

Robert Karlsson (Bass)

Martin Latvala (Drums)


For Fans Of: Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Job for a Cowboy, Suicide Silence and Whitechapel.

“Horns” (Album: “Horns”)